Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Anonymous,

When someone comments on my posts I set it so that the comments go up immediately because I am to lazy to moderate the millions couple comments I get a week. I do however get an email, and request to moderate comments on very old posts. I very rarely get comments on my older posts but I am so glad that I have set this as a moderated type of comment. Some old post comments are fun, like when Anonymous said "In my opinion. Your opinion is erroneous." Recently however, I have been glad for the email moderation option because I am alerted of any shenanigans that occur in the comment section. Since I started the blog I've had spam comments on my older posts, but in the past few weeks I've had about 10 comments awaiting moderation. These moderated comments have been unrelated to anything in the post, and normally make no sense, but they do have links to odd sites... Which I'm sure are filled with viruses and porn. Another odd thing is that almost all of the recent rejections have been comments made on my "Disturbing Bumper Sticker" post made back in November 2009. I don't know why these people comment bots are posting on that specific post but... Hmmmmmm... I wonder if it's because that post has the word masturbating? ANYHOO!

I can't wait for my next random spam comment. *turns off comments on "Disturbing Bumper Sticker"*

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