Monday, March 22, 2010

His noddlieness has been spotted...

His noddlieness has been spotted in Utah!!! I work in a medical lab in the Mormon capital of the world, and it is often slow on the weekend, UNTIL YESTERDAY!

It's was a wonderful Sunday at work and I was enjoying the fabulousness of it all. I stepped away from my desk for a moment and I came back to find a divine manifestation of his noodlieness and all of his glory! RAMEN my brothers and sisters!

As I pondered about this divine contact I thought that I would show my fellow workers how powerful he really was. Why just use a normal plastic face shield to protect me from splashing bodily fluids? Nothing will protect me from bloodborne pathogens like a Flying Spaghetti Monster!

I hope that Bobby and my other Pastafarians will rejoice seeing that the FSM is always watching.

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