Monday, March 29, 2010

Journey to the giant native

Today the little woman and I decided that we should take the kids for a walk, and by kids I mean our three dogs. Normally we will just walk around the neighbourhood but on occasion we like to go to a big park so they can see people and other dogs. We decided to go to a park that I hadn't been to before, but the little woman said that it was a very nice park, and was about the same driving distance.

We headed to the park and we walked, and walked, and walked. It was fun to look at the neat things the park had to offer, see the kids playing, point out old men who looked like pedophiles, and see the couples picnicking. One such couple we saw was sitting on a bench as we were journeying to see a giant wood carving at the other side of the park. I didn't hear my wife chuckle as we walked up, but we were both thinking the same thing as we approached these flamboyant men. The dogs visited with the people with food nice people and as we walked away I turned to the little woman to say, "They're not brothers," but I was too slow, because she said it first. We think so much alike!

We continued to walk and we reached the end of our journey as approached "Cheif Wasatch":

"This statue is in honor of Utah Native Americans - -

The little woman and I bid the Chief a fond adieu and took our tired kids back to the car for a quiet car ride home.

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