Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prayer can't fix everything

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was thirteen, served a mission, got married in the temple, and went inactive shortly there after. Although there are things that the church teaches that I don't believe it I have always supported their right to believe whatever they want. One of the things that has caused me to become disenchanted with the church is their support of Proposition 8. Yes I agree that they have a right to believe that all people shouldn't have the right to get married, but it's hard for me to associate myself with a group that does. I've always thought this, but these feelings have grown stronger since my sister came out as a lesbian. The idea that two straight people who hate each other can get married, but two people of the same sex can't is beyond me.

I know many gay people who grew up in the church and heard that they were told they could be cured by serving a mission, getting married, etc. It's sad to think that people thought they needed to be cured of something that is just who they are. Until the other day I thought that this was the extent of the church's attempts to "cure" people, but I was wrong.

I had always thought that those camps to "pray away the gay" were reserved for churches belonging to the religious fanatics, but I was again wrong. After talking to my friend the other day it came to my attention that there is an organization called Evergreen International. They say, "Evergreen is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" but their "Board of Trustees usually includes one or more emeritus General Authorities and we continue to build relationships with Area Presidencies and other Church leaders. Upon request, we provide training to hundreds of stake and ward leaders each year." (Source) So they aren't affiliated with the church but their board of trustees includes general authorities, bishops suggest people go there for help, and they hold their annual conferences at church buildings? Ummmmmm... Yeah.

I've always said someone can believe what they want, but it doesn't work for me when their beliefs include supporting a group like Evergreen International. Camps like this often lead to people developing strong emotional issues, and often suicide. I'm sorry for all the people that have been driven to something like this, by an organization they thought cared about them.


Crystal said...

Yea unfortunately members of the church aren't perfect and often do things like supporting organizations that they believe in and in doing that they make it seem like the entire church believes in that too just bc they're in a leadership role. I agree that a lot of mistakes have been made in relation to this topic but that doesn't make the scriptures untrue. I try not to let other peoples bad choices affect my relationship with God. I know he is real and he loves everyone it's unfortunate that his name gets slandered by other peoples mistakes.

Mr. O said...

It's sad that some of the bad biggoted church members give awesome ones like you a bad name, because you are awesome!!!!