Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Salad

I'm normally not a super fan of salad, but there is one salad that my wife's family has almost every time we go over for dinner. They make an amazing fruit salad. There isn't an exact recipe but this is normally what I use:

* Can of pineapple chunks
* Can of mandarin orange segments
* Grapes
* Berries in season

Drain the juice from the canned fruit and put everything in a bowl, add some mini marshmallows, some sweetened coconut, and the put in sour cream. Add enough sour cream to coat everything. I normally like to let it sit for a little bit because it will soften the coconut, but it's something you could make right before a family dinner or BBQ and then put it in the fridge for dessert. This stuff is seriously amazing!

Well this has been another edition of Tasty Tuesday and join me next week for the theme Dairy.


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Mr. O said...

Thanks so much. I always like to hear people enjoy my blog!