Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Chapter - It's Who I Am

Up until this point I've never really said my name (Greg) or the little woman's name (Lindsie) on my blog, but I have to put it out there so this will make sense. Yesterday I posted the following note on Facebook for all the read:

You know that voice in your head that won't shut up? Well I do, and no I am not mentally insane. For a long time I have known something about myself that I haven't felt comfortable sharing with many people, but the time had come to give into the rational little voice in my head and just say it. In the words of a brave missionary friend, “While this may not come as a shock to many of you who haven’t already had it confirmed to you, to put it quite bluntly, I am indeed gay. And I don’t mean “happy” as the definition on that one. We’re talking rainbow flag-waving, parade marching, turtle-neck-wearing gay…” Unlike Kade I do wave a flag and happen to be in parades but that has nothing to do with being gay. Yes it's true, I am one of those homosexuals you have seen in the movies, or you have heard about on TV, but there is one difference between me and them, you know me.

Some of you don't know me very well, but I'm sure you have come in contact with me at some point, and I hope your impression of me was favorable. Something to remember as we are going forward is that I am the same person you have always known, but now you will know more about me. My sister has taught me a lot about being yourself, and though these next words aren't an exact quote, they are inspired by something she once wrote. :

I am the man that sat next to you on the bus.
I am the goofball that would do anything to make his friends smile.
I was a boy who always knew he was different then his peers.
I was a boy who was afraid to tell others who he was.

I am a gay man.

(This next part is an exact quote)

“I hope you all understand that I am who I have always been.
I hope you all understand that for the first time in my life I am being honest with everyone around me.
I hope you all understand that I have always known who I am, and that who I am will never change.
I hope you all understand that I love you all, and want all of you in my life.”

There it is, now you all know who I really am, but I'm hoping that won't change your opinion of me, but I'm sure that many of you have questions. So I will try and answer some of those here.

Topic One - Greg and Lindsie:

In the words of a wonderful woman named Lindsie, “I met my best friend. The most amazing person I've ever known in my life. Having known many terrific people, I'm sure you will understand what high praise this is.” From the very start we both knew that we had found an awesome person, and that we would be together forever. Our relationship has gone through many changes recently and it will continue to do so, but through all of this we want to remain best friends. One day when Lindsie finds a wonderful man worthy of her I hope he doesn't mind her protective gay husband.

Topic Two – Church:

Although there are certain things I don't agree with I am thankful for the things I learned as a member of the LDS church. I have made so many friends, and I have learned many lessons about being a better person. For those of you church members who don't think you can be my friend/family anymore I would like you to read the first half of this message over and over again, because I'm hoping it will help you realize I am still the person I've always been.

Topic Three – The Future

Lindsie and I haven't worked out all of the details yet, but I'm sure it will take some time. At this time we think that Lindsie may be heading off to Florida to help out her Grandpa which is great, because he is the cutest little old man you would ever know. I will look for some roommates to help me hold down the fort here as I will be staying in the house for now.

For those of you who I have added to my extended family recently I want to thank you for being such a support to me, you are all great examples of wonderful people. You know who you are and “We are family”.

I'm sure some of you will have other questions but instead of trying to answer them through gossip please contact me. Shoot me an email or call me and I would be happy to chat.

This is probably the most personal thing I have ever shared on my blog. It's bitter sweet because I get to be who I am, but I am losing a wonderful person in my life. I'll pray everyday that Lindsie and I can be friends forever.

Tasty Tuesday - Raw Veggies

I was strolling down blog memory lane and I found an old post that would fit perfectly with the theme of raw veggies. The little woman and I have a nice fenced garden which we like to fill with squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and on occasion a watermelon or pumpkin. Normally my favorite thing is to pull out a nice fresh cucumber, slice it, and put on some salt and pepper… Mmmmmmmm. Well here is what I had to say about it back in August of 2007:

Phallic Salad

When I come home in the morning I try to be a quite as I can so I don't wake up the little woman. You know I work nights and she works days.... So I head out to the garden in the back yard. In our yard there is a large garden with nice fencing, a curb around it, and automatic sprinklers. We probably wouldn't have done this but it was nice to move into a house with a nice garden.

We started out with a few things in the garden to test out what we will plant in the future. We have a few varieties of tomatoes, green peppers, a pumpkin (HUGE and TAKING OVER THE WHOLE GARDEN), watermelon, and the Freudian veggie of phallus.... Well lets just say we have a cucumber plant that grows cucumbers so big it would make a porn star blush. I'm not exaggerating but they are


From the porno garden of mystery,

Mr. O

Reading this made me laugh. Join me next week for Tasty Tuesday theme Family Recipes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Common Grooming Mistakes

I was clicking through several articles on AskMen.Com and I came across an interesting one called 10 Common Grooming Mistakes, and I found it very interesting. What do I do when I find something interesting? I BLOG ABOUT IT, OF COURSE!!! Below I’ve included the articles points in bold and my comment below.

No.10 - Sporting too much cologne

Too much of a good thing can spell disaster and that couldn’t be more true than with cologne. A few extra spritzes can turn even the subtlest of scents into a cloud of noxious fumes. All you need is two to three sprays in the right places. Targeting pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears should be enough to keep you going all day (and night).

I have allergies so this is something I suffer from on a regular basis, especially in the close confines of the workspace. The company has a policy that people should only wear moderate amounts of cologne or perfume, but people seem to ignore it. Why bathe on a regular basis when you could use a gallon of cologne everyday.

No.9 - Not using moisturizer

Growing a proverbial thick skin is great thing for survival in a crazy world, but going the literal route by forgoing moisturizer could kill your chances for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Male skin may look tough, but it’s so fickle that a simple shower can leave it dry and cracked like drought-ridden earth. Irritation from shaving just adds fuel to the fire. A lightweight moisturizer with a hint of SPF should be applied daily to the face and neck to replenish water content, soothe skin and provide protection from the elements.

We live in a place that has very hard water and my skin is always dry when I step out of the shower, so I am a frequent moisturizer. I also agree that SPF protection is very important. So many people seem to think that you only need protection when it’s hot, but I can testify to the evil of winter time sunburn.

No.8 - Dirty, uncut nails

While startling, the sight of a well-groomed man with overgrown, cracked nails is not terribly uncommon. Nails should always be clipped short but never so short as to expose the nail bed, which can be an incredibly painful experience. And get over any reservations you may have about manicures and pedicures. Forgoing regular nail care by a professional can lead to uneven nail growth and unsightly fungal infections. It’s essential to treat yourself once every four to six weeks in order to get your nails clipped and filed properly, and most importantly, have your cuticles trimmed down. You can skip the polish.

I don’t really think that guys need to get a regular mani or pedi, but if you look like you’ve clawed your way free after being buried alive, then you need some nail care.

No.7 - Dry shaving

Despite advances in electric razor technology, dry shaving is still rough stuff. Most men neglect to exfoliate and use proper lubrication when going dry, which can result in razor burn, ingrown hairs and a shave that isn’t as close as it should be. Shave during or after a shower when the beard is softest, and apply an exfoliating face wash to clear away dirt and debris. Then, most importantly, use shaving gel and a clean razor to get the maximum shave with minimal irritation.

I cringed when I saw this!!! As a person with sensitive skin I don’t even know how anybody can do this and not cry in pain.

No.6 - Using worn-out razors

Disposable razors are just that: disposable. The problem is that even the most experienced shavers forget that the cartridges have a relatively short lifespan of roughly two weeks. Using a blade past its expiration date can wreak havoc on your face by unevenly ripping hairs out of the follicle and leaving burned, bleeding skin in its wake. A healthy blade should glide along the face and cut with painless precision. Fortunately, today’s best razors have an indicator strip at the top that lets you know when its day of reckoning is near.

I think many guys will ignore changing an old blade because they can cost an arm and a leg, which is why I love my safety razor and the cheap blades (About 100 for $10).

No.5 - Using too much hair gel

The only thing worse than using no product at all is piling on enough to turn your head into a helmet -- the sound of crunchy hair is one that’s better left in the late '80s. Gloppy gels are child’s play and don’t leave much room for movement, so go for lighter pastes and putties that create shape and definition while still maintaining a natural appearance.

This is probably the only thing on this list that I am in violation of, but when you’ve got curly hair it can be hard to skip the extra product to hold my locks in place.

No.4 - Ignoring thinning hair

Only a few lucky men will never have to face the facts of life with thinning hair. Male pattern baldness can start in your 20s and progress at a steady rate of 4% a year until you're left with patchy growth or nothing at all. The right haircut can minimize the appearance of bald spots, but it’s not going to stop the path of destruction. Surprisingly, over-the-counter serums and foams with the chemical Minoxidil are proven to slow down the process and even regrow hair in many cases. If that’s not enough to cut your losses, talk to a dermatologist about prescription treatments. And when all else fails, shave it clean.

I’ve got a higher hairline in the front, but I am so lucky that I don’t have thinning hair.

No.3 - Ignoring nose and ear hair

Almost everything you do in life, from careers to dating, requires you to sell your face. And the most distracting (and nauseating) thing to look at is overgrown nose and ear hair. These hairs are important for filtering debris and ultimately keeping the body healthy, but they cease to have any purpose when they make an unwanted outdoor cameo. Use a small grooming scissor to keep the crowd at bay.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… If your ear’s look like an enchanted forest you need some help.

No.2 - Unkempt facial hair

Treating your beard like a summer camp arts and crafts project is the quickest way to looking like an artist rendering on America’s Most Wanted. If you have a thing for perpetual scruff, you can keep your mane tame without looking like a criminal. Shave just up to the jaw line to create a look that is neat yet effortless. A few extra days' worth of growth is fine, but don’t let your beard achieve mountain-man proportions. And if it takes too much of your time to maintain a five o’clock shadow, a beard probably isn’t for you.

Ok I guess I am in violation of this rule from time to time… I’M SORRY I CAN’T HELP IT! Since my skin is so sensitive I don’t like to shave, but maybe one day I can get some laser hair removal on my neck to stop the burn.

No.1 - Letting body hair run wild

Hair on the body is an undeniable outward expression of masculinity. But there comes a point when a jungle of hair needs to be pruned back. Invest in a trimmer with adjustable settings and clip hair especially on the chest and stomach to an appropriate but natural-looking length. You can avoid getting stark lines of demarcation by making use of the variable settings. It takes a little practice to get it right, but trimming body hair ultimately makes the difference between being a beauty or a beast when you wear an open collar.

Some guys are into waxing or shaving, which isn’t my cup o’ tea, but whatever floats your boat. Remember guys if you look like an ape then you are probably limiting yourself to dating Jane Goodall or a zookeeper.

Well I guess that’s all I have to say about grooming. Carry on…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Seafood

This week’s theme is seafood, which normally isn’t my food of choice, but I think it has to do with my geography. Since I live a ways away from an ocean I can’t really get fresh seafood with ease and this is my only qualification for good seafood. When I lived in North Carolina I was always close top some good seafood, and this was especially true when I lived in New Bern. This colonial American city was frequented by road side seafood vendors, with seafood that was in the ocean earlier that morning. THAT IS SEAFOOD!!!! I would frequently enjoy shrimp which is one of my favorite seafood items, and if I was there now I would love to try this recipe from allrecipes.com:

Peppered Shrimp Alfredo

Prep Time: 30 Min
Cook Time: 20 Min
Ready In: 50 Min
12 ounces penne pasta
1/4 cup butter
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1/2 pound Portobello mushrooms, diced
1 pound medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 (15 ounce) jar Alfredo sauce
1/2 cup grated Romano cheese
1/2 cup cream
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or more to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup chopped parsley
Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain.
Meanwhile, melt butter together with the olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir in onion, and cook until softened and translucent, about 2 minutes. Stir in garlic, red pepper, and mushroom; cook over medium-high heat until soft, about 2 minutes more.
Stir in the shrimp, and cook until firm and pink, then pour in Alfredo sauce, Romano cheese, and cream; bring to a simmer stirring constantly until thickened, about 5 minutes. Season with cayenne, salt, and pepper to taste. Stir drained pasta into the sauce, and serve sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Join us next week for the theme Raw Veggies!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

From a "Solid Christian"

The church of the flying spaghetti monster posts amusing hate mail on their website, and this one gave me a good laugh:

"The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the most fucking pathetic excuse for a religion. Bullshit, a bowl of fucking food created you? It doesn’t even have a fucking brain! Ha ha. I can’t believe how much you are offending me, and many others. Especially your FSM "Bible". Why did you have to make fun of my religion, and others? You called the Christian bible The New Testicle. Seriously, stop making fun of other religions. Also, you called the Hindu’s book, "Ten Little Indians". Okay, you are the most twisted, racist fucking bastard on the planet. I can’t believe you are a racist bastard. Why, do you have to make fun of other religions? Probably because you want to just kick back and laugh at other people, and bash them. That’s why. Also, in your queer FSM "Bible", you obiously had to make fun of the Jews. I’m very offended, because the Jews had probably had the roughest life, and you go ahead and make fun of the REAL Bible, not your bullshit bible!!! Your version of heaven sucks huge fucking dicks. I don’t want strippers, and beer is nasty as fuck. You aren’t even trying, and your version of Hell is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. When you’re already DEAD it doesn’t FUCKING MATTER IF YOU GET AN STD OR NOT!!!!! Fuck you sir, don’t be suprised when you die if you burn in Hell, because I am a solid Christian and I am praying for you, and I really hate that you have to MOCK other religions. You are very racist, and I hope that you burn in Hell and realize your FSM is just your imagination, and you’re full of bullshit. Also, I feel like sueing the publishers of your FSM Bible, since you have gone that far and turned racist.

Don’t be suprised if you get sued for being a RACIST FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! AND YOU CALL YOUR RELIGION "PEACEFUL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck you,

Dear Solid Christian,

I would like to thank you for your hate mail that points out how awful this religion is for pointing out how awful it thinks yours is. Well come to think about it I don't think it's really mocking with as much class as you have. I propose that the FSM reach down his noodlie appendage and throw a fuck or two into his holy writings.

I am also impressed that you have the ability to see what doesn't have a brain, which i assume is helpful each time you look in the mirror.

Now I'm not a bible scholar but I don't think Jesus' philosophy of "love one another" included calling someone a douche bag. When I ask myself WWJD I don't think he would send hate mail like that.

Mike if you ever venture out of your mom's basement make sure to wear sunscreen because I don't think you get out into the sun very often.


Mr. O

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Doughnuts/Pastry

I've always been a fan of a good doughnut, and when I crave one I'm normally on my way to a Krispy Kreme.
"You might say these sweet treats are wholly delicious. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts operates a leading chain of doughnut outlets with about 580 locations throughout the US and in about 20 other countries. The shops are popular for their glazed doughnuts that are served fresh and hot out of the fryer. In addition to its original glazed variety, Krispy Kreme serves cake and filled doughnuts, crullers, and fritters, as well as hot coffee and other beverages. The chain includes about 270 doughnut shops and some 315 kiosks and satellite locations. The company owns and operates 80 locations and franchises the rest. Krispy Kreme also markets its doughnuts through grocery stores and supermarkets." (Source)

It's hard to say what my favorite variety is but if I can't decide I'm always happy to have a good old fashion glazed. Mmmmmmmmmmm doughnuts *drools* Join me next week for the Tasty Tuesday theme Seafood.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Visiting the Victim of the Beast

The little woman and I were on an adventure with the sister in law and we decided to take her to visit an old friend of ours, Lilly E. Gray the victim of the beast. This is a post my wife made a few years ago, "During a weekend drive in Spring of 2007, my husband and I passed the Salt Lake Cemetery. I off-handedly mentioned that back in high school I had heard about a place called "Emo's Grave" located somewhere in the graveyard. He joked that we should stop and look for it and before I knew it, we impulsively pulled over and were walking among the gravestones. I had no clue what I was looking for and though we never found Emo that day, we did see some amazing stones and monuments pertaining to Utah History. When we got home that night I did a search for Emo on the computer. The information on it was easy to find and in no time I knew the name on the stone and what it looked like. More interestingly, I found reference to a grave in the same cemetery for Lilly E. Gray. Nothing special about the name, but the inscription on her stone was rumored to be "Victim of the Beast 666". Fascinated, I began to look for information on the location of her stone. Directions were sketchy and a second visit to the cemetery yielded little results (though we did get to say hi to Emo's Grave.) I delved a little deeper into the whereabouts and we tried a third time to find Lilly. Success!!"

It was nice to see Lilly's grave covered with trinkets and flowers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Dairy

When I think of dairy, cheese is the first thing that comes to my mind. I LOVE CHEESE!!! "There are hundreds of different types of cheese that can be differentiated both by the type of milk - raw, skimmed or pasteurized, and by the animal - cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, horse or camel." (Cheese.Com)

There are so many types of cheeses and there is no better cheese resource than Cheese.Com. This website is a wealth of info about pretty much any cheese. You can search cheeses by name, country of origin, texture, milk, and it's even got some great cheese recipes like this:

Parmesan Chicken

Serves : 4

Ingredients :

4 chicken breasts, skinless and boneless
25 g plain flour
olie oil for frying
225 g / 8 oz Mozzarella cheese, sliced
60 ml / 4 tbsp Parmesan, freshly grated
30 ml / 2 tbsp fresh white breadcrumbs
salt and black pepper
15 ml olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1 celery stick
1 red pepper
1 garlic clove
400 g chopped tomatoes with basil
150 ml chicken stock
15 ml tomato puree
10 ml / 2 tbsp caster sugar

Steps :
1. First make the sauce. Take a frying pan and heat the oil, adding celery onion, pepper. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally. 2. Wash the meat properly and cut it into two small pieces. Put the flour in a shallow bowl and coat the chicken lightly. Then preheat the oven. 3. Heat the olive oil. Cook the chicken escalopes for 3 - 4 minutes. Spread half the tomato sauce in a large baking dish. Add the escalopes, the rest of the sauce and Mozzarella cheese. 4. After mix the Parmesan with breadcrumbs and sprinkle over Mozzarella. Put it into the oven for 20 - 30 minutes.

No matter how you slice it there is a cheese for every occasion! Join me next week for the theme Doughnuts and Pastry.