Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Raw Veggies

I was strolling down blog memory lane and I found an old post that would fit perfectly with the theme of raw veggies. The little woman and I have a nice fenced garden which we like to fill with squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and on occasion a watermelon or pumpkin. Normally my favorite thing is to pull out a nice fresh cucumber, slice it, and put on some salt and pepper… Mmmmmmmm. Well here is what I had to say about it back in August of 2007:

Phallic Salad

When I come home in the morning I try to be a quite as I can so I don't wake up the little woman. You know I work nights and she works days.... So I head out to the garden in the back yard. In our yard there is a large garden with nice fencing, a curb around it, and automatic sprinklers. We probably wouldn't have done this but it was nice to move into a house with a nice garden.

We started out with a few things in the garden to test out what we will plant in the future. We have a few varieties of tomatoes, green peppers, a pumpkin (HUGE and TAKING OVER THE WHOLE GARDEN), watermelon, and the Freudian veggie of phallus.... Well lets just say we have a cucumber plant that grows cucumbers so big it would make a porn star blush. I'm not exaggerating but they are


From the porno garden of mystery,

Mr. O

Reading this made me laugh. Join me next week for Tasty Tuesday theme Family Recipes.

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