Friday, June 4, 2010

Visiting the Victim of the Beast

The little woman and I were on an adventure with the sister in law and we decided to take her to visit an old friend of ours, Lilly E. Gray the victim of the beast. This is a post my wife made a few years ago, "During a weekend drive in Spring of 2007, my husband and I passed the Salt Lake Cemetery. I off-handedly mentioned that back in high school I had heard about a place called "Emo's Grave" located somewhere in the graveyard. He joked that we should stop and look for it and before I knew it, we impulsively pulled over and were walking among the gravestones. I had no clue what I was looking for and though we never found Emo that day, we did see some amazing stones and monuments pertaining to Utah History. When we got home that night I did a search for Emo on the computer. The information on it was easy to find and in no time I knew the name on the stone and what it looked like. More interestingly, I found reference to a grave in the same cemetery for Lilly E. Gray. Nothing special about the name, but the inscription on her stone was rumored to be "Victim of the Beast 666". Fascinated, I began to look for information on the location of her stone. Directions were sketchy and a second visit to the cemetery yielded little results (though we did get to say hi to Emo's Grave.) I delved a little deeper into the whereabouts and we tried a third time to find Lilly. Success!!"

It was nice to see Lilly's grave covered with trinkets and flowers.

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Crystal Stackard said...

That's crazy!!!!